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Banks Solutions

Financial services and banking are in a very competitive times. Customers seek benefits and confidence levels have dropped considerably. On the other hand regulatory policies are changing all the time. The sector is obliged to intense competition, and to respond innovatively, quickly and effectively to meet the demands of these new needs. To communicate with their customers, they must use the means and the way they prefer to communicate a relevant message, and thus maintain their trust and loyalty. InfoIntelligent offers banks solutions that understand the critical points of the sector and modernize existing customer communications. So they can produce highly personalized correspondence on demand, online or offline, interactively or by volume batch for delivery via print, email, web and / or mobile phone, and all without the need to replace any system and with little intervention from their own resources.


Telcos and Services Solutions

For Telcos and General Services, success depends on reducing customer churn, streamline processes and improve the offered services. It is much more expensive to get new customers than retain the existing ones, and as few companies are engaged in doing this, the rotation of customers has reached very high levels. To achieve this it is essential customer communications, however, having old data processing systems and inflexible structures have hindered its progress. InfoIntelligent provides added value to each communication with customers and optimize processes that are behind, to facilitate processing, creation, management and delivery of customized cummunications within tight billing cycles. With new and improved communications, in addition to increase customer satisfaction, also calls to the call centers are reduced, reducing operational and management costs.


Insurance Solutions

Insurance companies must face today constant challenges in the modernization of communications when competing and maintain profitability. Most migrated to what was called a few years ago, " The Smart policy ", but in relation to new technologies and the possibilities of communication which are today, that policy is no longer so smart to end customers. Customers need information in different media, paper, web, mobile, and at the right time. It has also changed, as in other areas, how they evaluate and choose the services they require. InfoIntelligent offers insurance companies reduce costs by implementing more effective processes and optimized media, adding value to existing applications through promotions and cross-selling campaigns.


Service Bureau Solutions

For companies that offer printing services, rapid response to new customer requirements and service offerings, are essential for their growth and profitability. InfoIntelligent understands the business, and without competing with service companies, offers them tools and training so that they can enhance their market and customer demand expands to create value in new communication platforms. Solutions that present continuous workflows, facilitating the operation and final quality, data integration, faster and more efficient development of multichannel documents, automatic test generation and approvals processes, controled workflows with alerts to avoid errors and more.


Data Fiscal